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Observatory on Dante Studies


The Observatory on Dante Studies at Utrecht University (ODS) is a research project set up by Gandolfo Cascio in 2016. Its launch was funded by the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) through the the Talentontwikkeling programme.

It aims to monitor and to interpret the legacy, reception and afterlife of Dante’s works: primarily among writers, but also within the musical and artistic circles, as well as its impact in popular culture (from commercials to video games).
The involvement of
complimentary disciplines and the use of different methodologies are meant to improve scientific diversity.

The Observatory supports undergraduate and postgraduate students offering – in cooperation with the department of Italian – an annual course, and is committed to promote the study of Dante through its lectures open to a wider audience.

The ODS intends to become the meeting place for scholars in the country and to serve as partner for institutions abroad.